Thursday, November 26, 2009

Panoramas in the forests

I haven't had time lately to shoot much wildlife images and there isn't much wildlife to shoot here in the south of Germany at the moment. So I went out and shot some panoramas in the local forests.
I love the panorama format and I really like the results of my trips to the forests.
The Sigma 24mm/1.8 EX DG has become my favourite panorama lens. I made some great panorama images during my trip to China in August. I didn't have a tripod with me so I used it handheld all the time and the results were great. I try to keep it simple so I don't use a big and complicated panorama setup. I use Photoshops Photomerge as a stitching software and it works great for me. The results are great and I hardly have any problems with the overlapping of images nor ghosting effects in the images. Even if I use it handheld.
The Panorama images of the forests were made with a tripod and 3-Way Head, because I needed a lot of depth-of-field, which results usually in slow shutter speeds.

So here are some panorama images, I shot lately:

I finally received my new Canon 7D last week and I didn't really have time to fully test it yet. I took it with me last time to photograph mushrooms in the forest. Actually the last 2 panorama images here are made with the Canon 7D and the Sigma 24/1.8. My first impressions are really positive. I love the Live View function for macros and landscapes and the new screen is just amazing compared to the one in my 1D IIn and 400D.
I will post a few impressions of the 7D later this week.

Sebastian Erras
Wildlife Photography


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