Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Orchis pallens & Burnt Orchid

One of the rarer species in my area with only a few locations in Eastern Bavaria. I went there in the morning and it was raining straight for 2 days. It took me a while to find the exact location,but i was happy that they were still there.So far I photographed 3 new orchid species for me and I hope to get some more the next weeks.

I also went for a third time to the location of the burnt orchid and there even more orchids there than the week before. I was really unlucky with light. I had sun for a few hours and when I waited for the perfect late evening light clouds appeared.
So that was probably it for this year with the Burnt orchid and I am happy that I got the beautiful backlight images last week.
So here a few images from this week.

Images were taken with a Canon 7D - 70-200/4 IS - Sigma 150/2.8 - Tokina 12-24/4

Sebastian Erras
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Green winged orchid

Here is another orchid species I photographed this week - the green winged orchid (orchis morio). Another photographer told me the location for this orchid and joined me on Tuesday to photograph them. It was my first time to see and photograph this species.
I was really happy that there was a spot pretty close by to my place. We went there in the late afternoon and had great weather and it was pretty hot, too. Unfortunately the sun moved behind clouds the last hour just before sundown, so we didn't get the great evening light I had the weekend before with the burnt orchids.

I went there again the next day with the hope to photograph them again in perfect evening light.
First I was not lucky with the light as it was cloudy and secondly there were no orchids left.
So what happened. A Shepard moved with his sheep over the fields and they ate all the orchids. There was literally no single orchid left on that location. I was really disappointed and can still not understand why they are allowed the let their sheep grass on known locations of orchids.

The images were taken with a 7D - Sigma 150/2.8 and a beanbag

I hope that I will be able to photograph another new orchid species for me this afternoon. Weather doesn't look too promising as it is raining the whole day already, but we will see.

Sebastian Erras
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Orchid Season has started !

So finally the orchid season has started here in the south of Germany.
The last weeks I visited some locations to photograph the burnt orchid (orchis ustulata) and the green winged orchid. I found a great spot for burnt orchids with over a hundred orchids. I went there 2 days in a row and I got pretty lucky with the weather. After a storm the sky cleared up and the sun appeared and gave 40 Minutes of beautiful evening light.

I had a so great time with these orchids, that I can't wait to visit all the other orchids in my area in the next weeks.

The images were taken with a Canon 7D - EF 70-200/4 L IS - Sigma 150/2.8 HSM - Sigma 24/1.8 and a beanbag.

So stay tuned for more orchids in the next days / weeks :-)

Sebastian Erras
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