Thursday, May 13, 2010

Orchid Season has started !

So finally the orchid season has started here in the south of Germany.
The last weeks I visited some locations to photograph the burnt orchid (orchis ustulata) and the green winged orchid. I found a great spot for burnt orchids with over a hundred orchids. I went there 2 days in a row and I got pretty lucky with the weather. After a storm the sky cleared up and the sun appeared and gave 40 Minutes of beautiful evening light.

I had a so great time with these orchids, that I can't wait to visit all the other orchids in my area in the next weeks.

The images were taken with a Canon 7D - EF 70-200/4 L IS - Sigma 150/2.8 HSM - Sigma 24/1.8 and a beanbag.

So stay tuned for more orchids in the next days / weeks :-)

Sebastian Erras


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