Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bluethroat and ohters

What a great start of the day. This morning I got up early to photograph bluethroats.
I didn't really know what to expect, but it was definetly an amazing morning session with this bird. The bird was so trusting that no hide had to be used it came really close and with the 700mm (or 850mm) I managed to get some great results.
Unfortunately it was a little bit cloudy this morning and I only have few shots with early morning light, but the rest is also great.

Today I noticed that it is quite a difference if you shot with 700mm (500mm+1.4x) or 850mm (500mm+1.7x) and I don't mean the reach. I had a lot of blurry pictures shooting at 850mm and with a shutter-speed around 1/160s. With the 1.4x I have no problems getting very sharp images until 1/100s but with the 1.7x it is far more difficult to get sharp images.

I was not only lucky to get some great images of the bluethroat but I also got great images of a red bunting ,a warbler (not sure if it is a Willow Warbler or a Common Chiffchaff) and a Wren.

I'm curious what the this afternoon and the rest of my easter weekend will bring.

Sebastian Erras
Wildlife-Photography Sebastian Erras


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