Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marsh Harriers and Short-eared Owls

I had planned a lot for the easter weekend and it fully meet my expactiations.
On Saturday morning I was able to get some great images of the Bluethroat and Reed Bunting. Then in the afternoon I took another attempt for the Short-eared Owls. I'm really fascinated by those birds. However the weather wasn't that well and there were some very heavy rainshowers. I missed a shot of owl sitting on a pole in the heavy rain, as it flew away shortly after I arrived.
I was not really satisified with the results of that afternoon, so I gave it a sencond try on Sunday. But this time I went to Belgium to photograpgh the owls, as I was already in the area to visit my family. This time I had a nice time with the Owls and one of the 2 owls gave me quite a great show.
Then on Monday when I went back to Amsterdam I made a visit to location where Marsh Harries are breeding and they are busy with collecting nesting material at the moment. At this time there very good chances to get some nice flight images of the Harriers. The Harriers were not so active as I hoped but still I managed to get a few great shots.

Short-eared Owls

Marsh Harriers

I will see what the next weekend will bring. For the moment I'm not really sure what I will do. Maybe I go to Texel for a day or to the Purple Herons, which have arrived last week here in NL or maybe something else.

Sebastian Erras
Wildlife Photography Sebastian Erras


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